Komtel IBS Servıces

IBS (In Building Solutions) is a telecommunication solution, which used for extending and distributing the cellular signal of a given mobile network operators within a building and generally used in the places, where indoor traffic is high and poor indoor coverage of outdoor sites. Komtel has been implementing both Passive / Active DAS systems and SmallCells for the indoor sites with deep knowledge and experience. Komtel IBS projects include both management process & technical implementations with Turn Key approach and working with the best quality of products such as Rosenberger, Huawei

For Turnkey IBS projects, Komtel provides the following stages:
  • 1. Site Acquisition
  • 2. Preliminary site survey
  • 3. Site survey
  • 4. Report of site survey
  • 5. Frequency planning & Design of site
  • 6. Implementation work
  • 7. Database preparation and documentation
  • 8. Walk test & Optimization
  • 9. Site handover to customer
  • 10. IBS Managed Services (MS)

Komtel IBS Management Process

Komtel IBS solutions includes both management process & technical implementations and it follows 4 steps:
1. Passive ( DAS) & Active Systems ( Fiber DAS)
2. Repeater Solutions for IBS sites
3. IBwave Designing
4. Testing Equipments

Active Solutions ( Fiber DAS)

We provide end to end ‘Coverage Solutions’ Smart POI Multi Sector Multi Operator Capacity Routing Automatic Level Control Automatic Gain Control SISO/MIMO

Passive DAS Solutions

We are working with world wide proved equipments


Coverage Solutions for all areas.

Komtel IBS Management Process

Planning Tools


The sites’ architecture projects synchronize RF design and specify the locations of implementations.


After processing the site design all inputs upload to the RF Design program ‘iBwave’. The program provides; RF designing, modeling, prediction, 3D modelling and material requirements

EMR Equipment

Walk Test