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Komtel Group has been providing Innovative Technology Solutions since 1994 for various industries such as; Telecommunication, IoT (Internet of Things), Smart City, R&D, Defense and related MS (Managed Services).

Komtel Group at a Glance


Telecommunication: Since 2007, 14 million square meter in building coverage (IBS) for 8 prestigious GSM operators in 7 countries implemented with over 1.000 projects; mainly Airports, Business Centers, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Subways and Hotels.

IoT & Smart City

Since 2006, in 5 countries for more than 20.000 active users with over 80.000 devices provided to 8 major industries including; Logistics, FMCG, Military, Pharmacy, Telecommunication, Heavy Vehicles, Ports and Oil Vells with telemetric monitoring, vehicle tracking products and services.

Managed Services (MS)

With over 300 employees, served in %30 of Turkey (19 cities in 2 regions) and Azerbaijan, operatied managed services such as site acquisitions, preventive & corrective services and maintenance services for more than 4.000 telecom sites.

Research and Development (R&D)

In 3 countries, developed high-tech equipment for Telecommunication and Defense industries since 2002. The company served over 400.000 devices and solutions in 20 high tech projects.

Defense Industries

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